I simply want to thank you, Paul, for your wonderful and marvelous work in assisting us with our strategic planning at CareBag, Inc. After meeting with a private donor and showing them our strategic plan, they were so impressed that they wrote us $10,000 check! Your personal attention and dedication were beyond any expectation and even the most challenging aspects of this process were handled flawlessly. I would gladly recommend your service to any of my associates.

Rozanne Brown, Executive Director, CareBag, Inc., Port St. Lucie, FL

Meeting Paul was what I refer to as a Divine Appointment. Being a young company with a lot of passion, big ideas, and not enough knowledge is overwhelming and confusing. Hiring Paul was the best decision this organization could possibly have made. He was able to take our short- and long-term goals and turn them into a very workable strategic plan. We have put this tool into use and are using it as our road map to success. I would also mention that Paul is an extremely skilled diplomatic relationship manager, with exceptional presence. We would have never been able to come this far in this amount of time without his expertise. Thank you, Paul for everything.

Cynthia Weseman, Executive Director, Women Empowering Women in Recovery, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL

I had the pleasure of working with Paul Hamaty recently on creating our company's strategic plan, including a SWOT analysis, job descriptions and more. He was very prompt, thorough, thoughtful and insightful. We are starting to implement ideas and concepts identified in the plan and we have been grateful for the follow up 'touchpoints' meetings to keep us on track. I am very happy to recommend Paul and his services.

Steven Schwartz, Owner, PD/GO Digital Marketing, Vero Beach, FL

Paul has been a tremendous asset to my business. For me, an executive presented with the opportunity to pursue my own business in an unrelated field, I turned to Paul to get his objective insight as a corporate strategist. He has been an instrumental sounding board regarding concepts, ideas and general business principles. Additionally, I have used Paul to review several media articles both online and in print over the course of this past year to maintain my brand consistency. Overall, I am extremely happy with my experience with RAND Strategic Solutions, LLC and would highly recommend them.

Catherine McNeal, Owner, Lifestyle Staging & Redesign, LLC, Woodstock, NY

What a spectacular session yesterday! I personally came away both focused on a clearer path forward and energized to continue defining and designing the path ahead for The Salvatones.

Paul, your expertise is evident and your assistance invaluable in not only guiding and informing the process, but being that all-important objective lens.

Salvatore Diana, President/CEO, The Salvatones Vocal Ensemble

I contacted Paul because I was at a bit of a stalemate as to how to expand my career as an artist, given that technology has vastly changed how the business side of art is handled, and as an artist, I was finding it challenging to incorporate these changes into my art practice. Paul did some research, listened to me, and very quickly helped me define the changes in a way that was tangible and understandable for me.

He helped me put structure around my ideas, and together we developed a plan with four clearly defined goals, and the step-by-step process in which to achieve them. I view it as almost a miracle!

My professional life is definitely more focused and productive; there's clearer communication with galleries.

Melinda Stickney-Gibson, Abstract painter/sculptor, Woodstock, NY

Paul worked for me in the financial management area and did a great job propelling the Bank's planning, risk and performance areas forward in an integrated, effective way.

Dr. Anne DeBeer, Consultant, TechBridge, Inc.
(former SVP & CIO/CFO, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)

When our regional bank undertook a multi-year re-engineering of the strategic planning process. Paul and I worked together to integrate strategic planning, risk management, and financial resource management, with an eventual connection to performance management.

Paul worked to refine the bank's mission, vision, and values, and helped management establish and prioritize bank-wide goals and objectives. He drove change and created engagement in strategic planning, and the results of his work are still in place and functioning well in our regional bank.

Mary Kepler, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer,
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta