Our company has the experience and skills to work with you and your team to increase your bottom line and achieve your goals and objectives. We do this with a strategic plan. We will also link your plan to scorecards and metrics as well as integrate and align risk, resource planning, and performance management with your strategies.

How We Do It

Our job is to collaborate with you to understand your business and the challenges you face. We do this through an initial working meeting to ascertain the scope of work. Then, we work with you to create a strategy to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles.

RAND is there with you every step of the way, and will be available to you as your business evolves and you execute your plan. Our method is tried and true. We have developed our system over many years and have used it successfully with many businesses.

Key Products and Services:
• Strategic plans
• SMART goals and objectives
• Performance metrics
• Scorecards
• Identification and mitigation of key enterprise risks
• Optimization of business processes

Our Full Suite of Products and Services

Strategic plans (development and refresh)

Strategic plan development: The process by which we create your roadmap to success. We will specify what you want to accomplish and by when, identify the challenges you face, and provide you with an executable strategic plan that outlines the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals and ensure your company is headed in the right direction. Your strategic plan will include mission, vision, and values statements that support your SMART strategic goals. We will also perform a SWOT analysis that informs your strategic plan and your risk profile.

Strategic plan refresh: This is the means to validate your company’s existing strategic plan. RAND will: be the third-party reviewer of your plan and its associated processes; help you update your goals and objectives; and provide you with valuable insight on opportunities for improvement.

Strategic roadmap

Strategic roadmap: The step-by-step action plan to accomplish your goals that is produced from your strategic plan. We will take your strategies and support them with initiatives, tactics, metrics, milestones, and outcomes to create your roadmap to success.

SMART goals and objectives

SMART goals and objectives: The directional statements identified by your company’s Board of Directors, CEO, and senior leadership team that guide the company at the enterprise level. SMART goals and objectives are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. They are supported by initiatives, tactics, milestones, metrics, and outcomes.

Key enterprise risk identification

Key enterprise risk identification: This procedure identifies the top three to five key risks across your organization that can prevent your success. Once these risks are identified, their impact on your company, should they occur, is then assessed and quantified so that appropriate mitigation actions may be taken.

Key enterprise risk mitigation

Key enterprise risk mitigation: These are the actions and controls (e.g., social media monitoring, dual controls) that eliminate or diminish the effects of a potential and probable risk. The impact to your company after mitigating actions and controls have been implemented is your residual risk exposure.

Scorecards and metrics

Scorecards and metrics: These are the progress reports containing pertinent information on your company vis-à-vis your performance against your strategic plan and risk profile. They may also include certain KPIs (key performance indicators) relevant to your company and industry.

Scenario planning

Scenario planning: An activity used to capture a range of future uncertainties and qualify them in more concrete terms to describe alternative situations/environments a company may face. This exercise can help you better prepare for times of uncertainty and build a better strategy.

Enterprise integration

Enterprise integration: An approach to the structure within your company such that the strategy, risk, performance, and resource management functions are aligned and connected. RAND will properly sequence and integrate these usually disparate processes for you.

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis: The analysis of your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This information informs your strategic plan and risk profile and provides the basis for a robust gap analysis of your company.

VOC (voice of customer) analysis

VOC (voice of customer) analysis: This technique is used to capture both your internal and external customers' expectations, preferences, and aversions to determine if their needs are being met by your company, products, and services.

Business process optimization

Business process optimization: The process of analyzing and transforming a company's processes into their most effective and efficient states to reduce or elminate redundancy and non-value-added steps as well as identify and mitigate risks in these processes.

Customized management consulting

Customized management consulting: A course of action that develops a portfolio of products and processes specifically for your company to help you solve the business challenges you face.