What Should Your Business Be Doing?


As we cope with this new paradigm for life and work, we will, at some point, find a new normal at which point we will need to reflect on our business response to COVID-19.

Here are some topics to think about now so when you sit down and perform a post-crisis assessment, you’ll be ready to thrive!

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  • Be prepared! Unfortunately, this type of scenario could very well happen again.
  • Employees Did your employees know what processes to follow when the extraordinary occurred?
  • Key Issues What caught you completely off-guard?
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption What was missing in these plans?
  • Disaster Response Who was in charge?
  • Crisis Communication Was your plan up to date and sufficient for this occurrence?
  • Telecommuting How seamless was that transition?
  • Similarities/Differences How does the COVID-19 event compare to H1N1, SARS, MERS, Ebola, hurricanes, and other natural disasters?
  • Social Distancing What could you have done better to support your employees and clients during this period?
  • Isolation How did you and your employees deal with the isolation?
  • Return to Normal Operations Did it go smoothly?

Key Action Items:

  • Update your disaster recovery, business continuity, and crisis communication plans.
  • Assess your business resumption process (“return to normal” operations).
  • Update telecommuting, disaster response, crisis communications policies and procedures.
  • Update your risk profile and risk mitigation plan.
  • Review supply chain and supplier diversity arrangements.
  • Develop/Execute tabletop exercises.
  • Schedule mock crises to test your plans, systems, and response.
  • Perform scenario planning exercises.

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